The cycle we are in right now is asking us to step into our truth and hold the power of the masculine and feminine in balance. As women we often shy away from or admonish the masculine energy but for the deeper shift to occur we must embrace it in our own way. We need to reclaim our birthright and our strength as leaders, not from the lens of the patriarch but through the power of focus and self determination and confidence.

HerStory is a collection of preloved clothing that is designed to help us embody that strength and innate power and knowing. Each item is chosen with either the color palate in mind, the silhouette, or both.

Clothes should be worn to enhance our bodies and our being. This cycle choose vibrant colors, bell shaped silhouettes with shorter hemlines, and items that make you feel sexy. Show as much skin as feels good for you and never apologize for your body. Do you. And do you well.