About Story Medicine

Story medicine with Rachel Monique Maskell

Stories. We create them. We exist within them. But to heal them, we must share them.

I believe that we are made up from the narrative that exists within us. That through our experiences we have a unique lens from which to see the world. Sometimes it produces a view that we want to share, and sometimes it clouds our vision, making it difficult to see the path ahead. Both viewpoints need to be shared, without judgement, to embrace the totality of being human.

As a teller of your experience, you have the opportunity to both voice and release something that you've been holding inside. Offering yourself the opportunity to see things differently and open doors for new stories to exist.

As a listener to someone's experience, you are holding space. A sacred act that is in need of revival. Through listening you are connecting to your own story.

Validation, acceptance, awareness, inspiration, these are all possibilities when we are present to hear and receive from another through story medicine.

I am launching story circles to gather women together, to learn from each other and ignite the healing power of stories. Each month we will focus on a theme such as, motherhood, sex, self-worth, money, female empowerment and following our bliss to share, in a safe and supportive environment, our stories.

Additionally, I will share a video interview with a special guest monthly that speaks to theme of the circle to dig in more deeply.

The goal of these conversations are to follow the thread of another woman's life, how she has navigated her own heroine's journey, and the wisdom she has to share. 

Think of it as though you were getting to eavesdrop on two girlfriends having a chat on a swing.

Have a question, a topic you'd like me to cover, or just want to say hello? Reach out to me here