MUMBOX: your retreat delivered

Mumbox launch

Kickstarter launches on March 1st for the Mumbox!

What is the Mumbox?

After traveling around the world and speaking to numerous mamas on and off the #mumboss podcast the theme I kept hearing was how much they needed time back to themselves. This became my inspiration behind the MUMBOX. It's designed as though you were traveling to an exotic place to go on a soul searching, yogi infused retreat...but more accessible. You still get all the benefits of being guided through a Journey of Self except you don't have to be away for several days and drop a good chunk of cash in the process. Every quarter you can look forward to a day that is designed with you in mind and to support you so you in turn are better able to be present for your love ones.

MUMBOX Kickstarter launches on March 1st!

Our goal is to have the first box delivered in time for Mother's Day. Some items you can look forward to include a botanically infused soy candle from Simply Curated, a sensual floral spray from LotusWei, items to help create your MUMBOX space for the day, volume 2 of the #mumboss mag (see vol 1 below), a mini art project, and other yummy goodies to help you dig in and feel good! Digital content includes recommendations on how to set up a sacred space for you, guided meditations, yoga poses, journal exercises and more!
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[gravityform id="4" title="false" description="false"] You may be wondering what the content will be like and if it's going to be too spiritual or hippy dippy...I know. So to get a feel for the #mumboss style and a peek at what the Journey of Self looks like, check out Volume 1 of the #mumboss mag below.
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You may be thinking...

It's too much

I get it. $100 a box can feel like a chunk especially when were spending it on ourselves. So lets break it up. $100 a quarter is about $33 dollars a month which is around a $1 a day. $1 a day! Now that feels doable!

I don't have time

Taking a day for our selves is not always easy. It often requires support from our community...our partners, our family, our friends. Who's help do you need to make this day a success? If you find asking for help challenging, we've got you covered. For each box let us know who's help you'll need and we'll send you material you can share. And remember, it's important for our kids to see us ask for help too. Engaging your community to support you is what connects us together and makes us stronger. You can do it!

I don't have space

The good news is, you don't need much space for your MUMBOX day. But creating a sacred space that you can better connect with your self is important so included in your MUMBOX is a guide, products, and recommendations on how to do this. It's all about what feels good for you.

How can I support the #mumboss vision without buying a box?

The Kickstarter campaign will include other items to choose from. With plenty of choices and price points I'm sure you'll find something that works for you. And thank you! Your support means a lot.
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