The Story Cards

Meet the Story Cards. The new oracle deck that lets the images speak for themselves. Relevant, unbiased, applicable in multiple situations. And travel easy in their cotton bag. 


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Rachel Monique Maskell is the designer and creator of the Story Cards. In her words, “Creating the Story Cards was a combination of all things I love. Street art, design, intuition, conversations...I’ve been taking pictures of street art for over ten years. I love to hunt it out when traveling and finding hidden gems locally.

Each of the 42 cards were designed through an organic process. The images stood out when they wanted to go together and it was my job to see how they fit. The words came out of the collage, writing themselves.”

Story Cards are designed as a tool to help you deepen your intuition. There is no book. Use the words, the images, colors and environment as prompts.

The cards are open to interpretation. They’re designed for conversations and getting to know one another. They’re for quick guidance and sharing with friends. They’re designed for you and the way you choose to use.

If you’re using the Story Cards solo try journaling your responses and asking specific questions for guidance. You can use them with friends or in a group too.


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Story Card Ideas

  • Pick a card a day and journal about it
  • Do a card spread with a specific intention or question
  • Pick a card and find a friend, ask them what it means to them
  • Find the symbols in each card

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Q is there a book or guide for the cards?

A there is no book. Use the words, the images, colors and environment as prompts. Don’t overthink it. Just go with it.


Q where did you get the images?

A all images were pictures taken from my iPhone from around the world and over four years. 


Q how did you create the Story Cards?

A the Story Cards were created completely on an iPhone. The apps used were ColorStory for editing colors, LiveCollage to create the collage, and WordSwag to add the words.